Plug-ins & hardware


Our software icon i2f MediaConnector uses a few standard built-in plug-ins:

  • Mediator: the main bridge between a project in i2f MediaBrick and i2f MediaConnector
  • Serial: e.g. bridge with KNX, MIDI
  • ContactClosure

Optional software plug-ins are created to communicate with useful hard- and software tools, present on the market:

i2f KMtronic relays

i2f kmtronic relays

Relay boards for accurate switching between diverse voltage levels; can be used to switch on and off hardware; with indicational led light.

We use this in i2f Webrelay TCP/UTP: separate plug-in for i2f MediaConnector; i2f Serial, standard plug-in for i2f MediaConnector

i2f_KMtronic_relayspdf icon

i2f Pokeys in/out

i2f pokeys in outPokeys are i/o components that switch and interpret analogue and potential free contacts. The network version functions as a standalone web service.

This is a handy instrument for implementing sensors, push buttons, potentiometers, joysticks... among other things, in a set-up.

We use this in i2f Pokeys: plug-in enabling the evaluation of events and actions defined in i2f MediaConnector.

i2f_Pokeys_inout pdf icon

Sumlung QR reader

sumlung qr reader

In this box, the distance between camera lens and scan window has been optimized for flawlessly scanning 2D barcodes or QR codes.

We use this in i2f Sumlung_QRreader: plug-in for i2f MediaConnector

i2f.SumlungQRreader pdf icon


i2f DMX out

Enttec Pro DMX512 is hardware that generates 512 unique DMX channels, eg. to control diverse lamp bodies.

We use this in i2f DMX: plug-in for i2f MediaConnector

i2f.DMX_out pdf icon


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