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To give you an idea:

For 490,00 euro* you get

  • i2f MediaBox small form factor with Win 10, HD Graphics, 2GB/ 32GB eMMC, 5V 2 A psu
  • a flexible HDMI cable
  • a software dongle with the licence MBRK: i2f MediaBrick & i2f MediaEditor

i2f mediabox stick kit


Happy users are amongst others Domaine de Seneffe and Halle Gate Brussels.





software dongle


For 175,00 euro* You get an MBRK (i2f MediaBrick standalone software licence with free i2f MediaEditor).


(*) suggested enduser prices ex VAT and shipping costs


Available software licences:

icoonicoon i2f MediaBrick standalone
icoonicoon i2f MediaBrick network version
icoonicoon i2f MediaBrick standalone & scheduling
icoonicoon i2f MediaBrick network & scheduling
icoon i2f MediaConnector
icoon i2f MediaController


Your licence remains principally valid for an indefinite time. Support ends at the first upgrade that you do not purchase.


> Confirm your order by email.

> We send you an order confirmation.

> As soon as we receive your payment, we send up your parcel (software with dongle only or software installed on i2f MediaBox).


Special requirements? Just get in touch with us.

i2f MediaBox with i2f MediaProduct Suite v7 can be rented for a short period of time.

Have a look at the support page.