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Creative setup

i2f MediaEditor is a great tool for treating media content, complimentary with i2f MediaBrick. This product is not about graphical wizard tools. However its strong symbiosis with technical aspects opens up unprecedented opportunities:

  • Display images in their native resolution, making compositions of diverse files in the correct format.
    E.g. a background clip or image with stills, video, web pages... as an overlay
  • Place and shift images in a nearly unlimited number of pixels on a virtual canvas and evaluate the result immediately. The classic display is no longer compelling.
  • Interactivity gets a totally new dimension with the almost intuitive connection between peripheral devices and content display.
    Peripheral devices can be light, sound, motors, sensors, push buttons and many more.
    E.g. on frame X in my video clip I want to switch on a green light and on frame Y a door will open.


    Graphical work employed and tested directly in an audiovisual context

Playful demo of our stand on the AV fair i-Lounge in Brussels 2014:


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